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Informational meeting

For those who were unable to attend our first meeting Friday afternoon, here's a summary of what all we went over & figured out:

-- Four people showed up (as well as myself, obviously :)), which was the minimum we needed in order to start the tap club. I have a contact list started that has the names/extension(or phone #)/e-mail, and experience on it.

-- I talked about the two rooms we have available for us to use - PAC 399 and 199. Room #399, on the upper floor, has a wood floor and a mirror along most of the front .. though is more often booked than not. Room #199, on the lower floor, has more of a performance stage floor, and no mirror, though I have tried it out, and it does work, and is open almost 24/7 unless there is some performance going on in the theatre that week. After the meeting, some of us went over there to check them out (though room 199 was locked at that time)

-- We discussed what kind of things we wanted to do / how often to meet, etc.. and came up with the following:

Regarding meetings...
~ The best day for meetings would probably be Thursday/Friday evenings (after dinner), with the next best time being on the weekend
~ We'd probably do weekly meetings. It's possible it could be two days a week that we meet, depending on the number of people that we get - so some people could come one day and some the other - this would also allow for us to split people by their skill if need be.
~ Though its not we might end up doing it, we all talked about how our dance teachers in the past have pretty much gone along with the same structure of "class", starting with a warmup (that is the same pretty much each week), then doing steps across the floor, and then finally working on the dance routine that'd be used for performance.

Regarding "activities" throughout the year...
~ We might try and put on some performance sometime in the spring (maybe along with the dance department, we'll see ..)
~ We won't be performing in the coffee house :P As Kaleigh put it ... "I dare you to shuffle-of-the-buffalo there!" (+/- a word or two :))
~ Though some of us don't like kids as much (i love them personally.. but one or two of us.. haha, didn't quite so much), we might put some workshop/performance, something on for them sometime during the year (I was thinking mid to late winter quarter might be a good time) that a handful of us would put on for them.
~ We might consider doing competitions, but it'd be completely optional (as would all of the above stuff). More information will come on that, we need to do some research on that .. see what we can find

Two other pieces of information:
1) We need to come up with a name as soon as possible. I'm hoping to take the paperwork for the AS Club registration in early this week, and set up an appointment with someone down there (one of the parts to getting us registered)... and it would be nice to have this all done by the end of next week so we could start "advertising" as soon as possible

2) I've set up a WWU Tap e-mail address - - so from now on, any questions that have to do with the tap club should preferably be sent to that e-mail address. (use that address on the WWU journal if people have questions and/or want contact info)

Our next meeting might be next week, but at this time there's no official date/time set. For now - just try to get the word out to as many people as possible.

Any questions/comments, etc... just reply and let me know!
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sounds like the meeting went well--

i love kids and think that the workshop idea would be wonderful. also, performing would be fun!! i miss that.

Sounds great! I think the Thursday (after dinner) is a good time.

One question - what if you don't have tap shoes? I'm a total novice and when I took lessons before in Seattle I just borrowed the nasty ones at the studio. Does anyone have extras? If not, how much will a pair cost me?
That was one of the things we need to figure out .. what we'll do if people don't have shoes (since we do have a little money we could spend towards buying a few pairs of tap shoes .. but then what would happen if there were more people who needed shoes, etc..)

See if you can find someone (via the tap journal perhaps, or somehow else once i send the contact list out) that has the same size foot as you so you would be able to borrow theirs at times. I think a pair of tap shoes probably runs around $30-50 .. give or take some on either end, really depends what kind you get and where you get it. I think sometime this week I'm going to try to get a hold of my dance teacher and see if there are any used tap shoes at the studio that are for sale - cause I know, then, they are much much cheaper :)

hope that at least helps a little!