Niko (niko2k4) wrote in wwutap,

First Tap Meeting (tenative)

I have us signed up to use room 399 in the PAC for both Thursday and Friday this week, though I'm planning to have the first "meeting"/"practice" happen on Thursday. The one problem is that the meeting would have to be from 6pm-7pm, as the other times were taken up. If we end up doing it Friday, I have the room signed up for from about 7:30 to 8:30pm .. and there wasn't anyone else around that time .. so that time is a bit more flexible.

If we do the meeting Thursday, as I'm thinking is probably best, then I was thinking that for those who wanted, we would meet outside the VU at 5:10ish and go to dinner together, maybe decide what exactly we'll do, and then from there (hopefully finishing 5:30/5:40ish and giving our stomachs some time to rest) head over to PAC 399.

Before we get into any more specifics though, we need to decide if Thursday will be a good meeting day. I'm hoping that by tomorrow evening a couple people will have responded to this, and if its sounding like a plan, I'll post an entry on the WWU journal (as well as on here, and send out an e-mail to everyone on the mailing list i have going) to promote the tap meeting one last time before it happens.

(hehe, it sort of helps to post this in the wwu tap journal, and not in my own *sigh*)
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