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First Meeting of Tap Club

(cross posted to the WWU community)
This Thursday, from 6-7pm, will be the first "meeting" of the Tap Club. Absolutely anyone is invited to come, regardless of experience, and whether or not you have tap shoes! All that is needed is an interest in wanting to tap :)

For those who would like to, right now at least some of us are planning on meeting outside the VU somewhere around 5:05/5:10ish to eat dinner together and then head over to the PAC room at about 5:40ish. If you do decide to show up for dinner there, just look for a group of people standing around.. hopefully we'll be able to find each other.

To sum it up:

--> This Thursday from 6pm to 7pm
[5:10pm in front of the VU if you want to sit with other tap club people for dinner]

--> PAC 399
(up one level from where you enter the performing arts center)

What do you need to bring?
-- Tap shoes, if you have them (obviously :))
-- Socks
(if you don't have tap shoes, you can still dance semi-well in your socks .. not sure how clean the floor is, so bring socks you don't mind getting a little dirty if you are going to dance in them)
-- If you want, a waterbottle. There is a water fountain in the room though, so it's not really necesary.
-- Any music you think might be good to tap to (I'm going to work on making several CDs full of just songs we can tap to)

What do you need to wear?
-- It's up to you, but I'd suggest socks (of course), a non-long sleeved shirt (simply because it's going to get warm in there .. there's not much air conditioning nor windows), and any shorts/pants that you can move around in alright (aka please no skirts/dresses ... and anything too tight-fitting can be difficult to move in unless they are the dance-kind of pants)

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to respond here, in the WWU Tap journal, or via e-mail: . Thanks .. and hope to see some people there on Thursday!
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