badjoke (badjoke) wrote in wwutap,

Hello from the other side

Hi all. I'm Matt, the president of Swing Kids, Western's Swing Dance club. I thought that since our respective arts have so much history in common, I would post here to

a) Introduce myself and somewhat shamelessly plug my club, which has such enormous respect for tap dancers,

b) Suggest the possibility of collaborating sometime(s) during the upcoming year,

and c) Post this clip of the amazingly talented 19-year-old Joseph Wiggan, whom I had the pleasure to meet this summer (actually, at the event shown here), for your viewing enjoyment.

Anyways, good luck with your club this year, and I hope to see you around the school.
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wow, congrats on becoming president of swing club ... we were in math 128 together if you don't remember :)

i'm sure you won't mind if I come by and make a shameless plug for tap club during one of the swing club meetings? let me know .. it'd just be a quick 5 second thing and then i'd stick around with a piece of paper for people to write their contact information on!

what exactly do you mean by collaborating? the two clubs? or just you and chris and I?

hope you've had a great summer!
I remember Math 128 :)

Of course we wouldn't mind shameless plugs for tap club.

And by collaborating, I mean the two clubs. An idea that had flitted through my mind would be to, sometime later in the year, put on a show in the style of the old 30's revues, possibly even involving the jazz band(s). Of course, this is only the tiniest glimmer of a thought right now, especially since we're busy finalizing our big fall event, (caution, another shameless plug) our 10th Anniversary Celebration. On Saturday, Oct. 1st, we're sponsoring Blues Dancing workshops from two highly acclaimed international instructors. Blues dancing, for those who don't know, is an offshoot of Swing/African-American dances from the 20's and 30's, that is traditionally done to slower (blues) music. It is as varied as any other swing dance in terms of style and feeling. Here's the best clip I could find (there aren't a lot) of blues dancing, from an event in St. Louis, although this is just the particular style done there. The info for this workshop can be found here. A week later, there will be a weekend of Lindy Hop workshops, with details TBA. These two events might be good places for you to advertise, if you have flyers you want us to set out.

Anyways, the point is I would love for the groups and people with an interest in vintage music and dance to be in contact with one another and to support each other throughout the year. I know a number of (most, actually) Swing Dancers and Lindy Hoppers who, though they may never have done it, are very interested in tap.
Well, as we haven't even met once to dance, we'd have to practice up a lot more before we do that...probably not evne likely it would happen this year. It sounds like a groovy idea, though, and hopefully we can get something together eventually.

- Chris