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Update :)

I went and talked to the theatre arts guy today, and also looked at the room (PAC 399) that we would be using. The sign-up sheets to use the room aren't out yet.. and apparently those are to sign up the week of. yeah, still haven't figured it all out yet *sigh*

The room though looks nice (though not as nice as the studio's anyone has gone to) - wood floor, great size (plenty of room to move around in), one wall is pretty much completely covered in mirrors. I talked to the guy about if I would be able to store my boombox over there (since I'm over here on the south side of campus.. haha, don't think i'd want to haul the boombox and tap shoes over there every time), and he said i probably could .. and I'm sure there's an outlet somewhere in the room

i'll e-mail or call and talk to them a bit more about it ... and start up a tapping club .. and then hopefully we can start up in a week or two :)

(haha, i can't wait to take the tap shoes out from underneath this bed and put them on :))
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